Why Lazy Isn’t So Crazy: Job vs Work

Did I get your attention? Are you asking Why Lazy Isn’t So Crazy? I know if I saw this headline, I’d wonder, especially if I wanted continued success in life and business.

Have you ever wished you could quit your JOB? I thought that, so twenty years ago, I did. Yeah, without notice or much planning, I rejected the notion of following someone else’s dream.

Truth is, if you wait around for things to be perfect before you start, you could wait your entire life. Are you waiting or doing?

I realized that although I didn’t have a perfect plan, backing myself into a corner put me into action fast. When you don’t have a choice, you get moving, right? 

Indirectly, I created an accountability plan. I was hungry to feel enthusiasm and not heartache. Nobody was going to show me the way until I “jumped” and chose faith over fear. I wanted to coach others to wins in life, so I needed to prove my system. 

Well, I didn’t have a system. I had guts and determination, but no plan of attack. I had no proof that I could do the very things that I would challenge, charge and train others to do. 

Do you need a system to start your dream life? In short the answer is a resounding, NO! Did you hear me, NO! If you are hungry, you find food. If you are hungry with your dream, you will find answers.

This post is not about telling how to follow a system, it is about the system that runs inside you. Yeah, the person that already exists. Have you limited yourself? Have you wished for a better life? Have you dreamed into other’s successes? 

I have good news: Your closer to your dream life than you think. 

We all limit ourselves into believing that we need answers before we start. We research and research and research more. We look to others for approval and confidence. 

I’ve figured out how to capitalize on what already lives inside of me. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could embrace yourself and create the desired life you dream of? [You have answers you don’t know you have].

You CAN! You can read or listen to every book, attend seminars, but if you don’t BELIEVE, you’ll place hidden limitations on yourself. 

When we research tricks and secret ways to build a better life, we are simply researching CONFIDENCE. You are on a confidence building mission.

Here is the worst news before we end with the best: You may have been wasting years of your life THINKING and not DOING. You may have been FEARING and not FAITHING. 


As a life coach I’ve been there. I’ve seen and lived the painful process of limiting myself. I’d like to save you from the never ending storm of thinking and dreaming, instead off DOING AND LIVING. 

TIME TO TAKE ACTION. Start with realizing your not as far as you think. I’m here to take you from sitting on the ground to LIFTOFF.

I’ll show you how to pull out what you already know and elevate your life!

If you are ready for more, please snag my free training at www.jeremyarno.com or go straight to the course that will have you living large in a few days @ www.jeremyarno.com/liftoff.

Cheers to those who LIVE Their DREAMS and don’t just talk about it,


Jeremy Arno