The One Solution Behind Every Complaint!

The one solution behind every complaint…

We go through life complaining and justifying. “The system is flawed,” “The lines are too long,” or “My life sucks.” Well, I have shared your complaints and justified myself, but realized that behind every problem is one major culprit: PEOPLE.

PEOPLE both design systems and run them.

-Emotional Systems

-Belief Systems

-Religious Systems

-Electronic Systems

-Legal Systems…etc.

How many times has a customer service rep said to you, “Sorry, there is nothing I can do the system is down.” I’ve heard every excuse in the book on why they can’t solve the issue. Have You?

If a PERSON has the will to find solutions, they will. PEOPLE in power often site why they CAN’T do something to aid you, instead of what they CAN. Even if they offer an alternative that is different than what you envisioned, it is productive and team based.

Don’t you feel better if a customer service rep says to you, “Although I won’t be able to give you all your money back, I can give you part cash and a gift card for the remainder. Maybe you wanted all the cash to go to another store and get your item. However, you feel like they did everything possible to work around the “system” and assist you. This PERSON made is about PEOPLE!

After all, the system was created by a person, so shouldn’t a person be able to navigate it. How is it possible to get turned down for one loan and approved for another? A PERSON still makes the final decision. We all buy into the manipulation that it’s a set of RULES that govern decisions. NO! There are general guidelines and then a PERSON who makes the decision. (LIMITED OFFER ON MY LIFTOFF HOME TRAINING COURSE)

Have you ever said, “I hate arguing?” What is behind that argument? PEOPLE. Yeah we can break down that there are needs, desires, expectations, fear etc that fuel arguments. If a person wants to solve an issue, they will. That simple. Solutions exist, but for the PERSON who doesn’t want a solution, they will place blame and defend their position.

Have you relied on hiding behind systems to avoid yourself? I believe you are meant for greatness, but are you acting GREAT? Are you willing to fix what is wrong or just blame systems or adopted justifications?

It is about time PEOPLE became more important than SYSTEMS. PEOPLE more important than PROBLEMS. PEOPLE more important than PROFIT.

Did we learn from a system or a person? Is it really a system that is failing us, or is it PEOPLE?

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Jeremy Arno

Did we learn from a system or a person? Is it really a system that is failing us, or is it PEOPLE?