Pass The Ball: How to Delegate and Win

Be willing to Pass The Ball and Delegate Yourself to a Life Win! We connect passing the ball to sports, but life and business are no different. Greed, selfishness and status all contribute to one holding on too tightly to their inability to let go and delegate.

Why do we bog ourselves down and try to do everything alone? Are we out to prove something to others or ourselves? When we should be focusing on what we are good at, we spend useless time learning new skills. Do you fill your days with trying to do everything by yourself. Do you fear what would happen if you gave up some control to others?

I hate to break it to you, but this is a very bad trait. You are robbing yourself of your true capabilities. We all have jobs to do, just like players on a basketball team. If the center who stands 7 feet tall is never under the basket rebounding, he is risking both his personal potential and that of the team.

What makes one leave his post? Somewhere along the line society has created a belief system that being the front man, point guard or quarterback is where you gain the most respect. This cannot be farther from the truth.

Yes, major endorsement deals often go the most marketable man, but this is not what builds teams. Without everyone, you have no one. So many successful entrepreneurs claim they built their fortunes from scratch with no help.

They may have technically started alone, but they know one major secret to success: Delegation. You can get so much more done by picking a solid team to surround you. Allow others to share in the glory of job well done.

Empower those around you to be their best, and you be the first to lift them up. Use their abilities and let them shine. Although I made a  lot of shots in basketball, it was always a pleasure to assist others. Tell me these passes aren’t just as cool as being the shooter. The passer sets everything up for the shooter.

I encourage to get back to what you are good at, and leave the rest to delegation. All to often we overload ourselves with useless activities that do not fill our tanks.

Be real with yourself and realize how some tasks can be handed off to others. This will both free you up and allow you to do your tasks more effectively. Most importantly, remember that being the passer is just as crucial as the shooter.

You may find that you have a great life, when your being yourself and not trying to be someone else.

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