How Avoiding Pain Creates It [Focus Factory]

How we speak both in our minds and with our mouths, can greatly increase or decrease your productivity and level of success. 

I used to set out trying to avoid pain, only to end up creating it. Have you ever wondered why things always end up on the negative side of life?

Have you ever tried to save money or avoid debt, simply to end up owing more than you ever had? Yeah, I know, it’s happened to me too.

Once we start focusing on the worry or concern, we generate energy towards it. We are so worried about what “MIGHT” happen, we do everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t.

Here is the problem: We think by trying to avoid pain, we will simply avoid it. Solution: If we focused on where we want to go and not where we don’t want to go, we generate and create magic.

Perspective and self-talk can and will make or break your outcomes. Here is a suggestion: Start focusing more on what you want, not what you don’t want. Seek wisdom in the area of solution and not delusion.

Worrying has never built empires. No entrepreneur has started at the top, nor created wealth by focusing on the negative.

Get gutsy and try believing in the unknown and stop being so cautious. The great America is not a free country because of holding back or poking hole in things, nor sabotaging what is possible.

In my Go Vertical podcast, my intro says, “Where the impossible just became possible.” You see, I believe those not afraid of success will likely find it.

They will take certain steps that those trying to avoid pain will never take. No matter what your circumstances are, focusing on and picking on the positives works. You can climb out of any hole you find yourself in.

Most importantly, instead of trying to never repeat yourself, you will put yourself in a position to succeed.

Start dreaming, planning and executing a plan for your future based in faith and not fear. You will find that you are capable of more than ever imagined.

Speak and Think More Positive and your world will change for the better.

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Cheers to those who LIVE Their DREAMS and don’t just talk about it,

Jeremy Arno

See you at the top!