#1 Success Tip To A Better Life


LAUGH WHEN THEY TELL YOU TO QUIT and put to use the #1 Success Tip To A Better Life.

So many times in my life, I’ve had the nerve to consider that giving up was an option. When your house burns to the ground, your mother dies in your arms, and you just got robbed of $450,000.00, you consider throwing in the towel.

Can you relate? Those days where even the smallest of things has you grabbing for the ejection handle.

Not only are you up against your own mind, add in other people’s chatter, and you might just have enough to cash in your faith chips. I mean, who wants to continue going through misery? I don’t.



♦No more misery.

♦No more second guessing.

♦No more hijacking your own success.

♦No more allowing others to define who you are.

♦No more living a mediocre life.

♦No more complaining

♦No more excuses

♦No more depression

♦No more wasted time

YOU are not just on earth to survive. YOU are not just here to get through. YOU are HERE to make a difference. Circumstances, opinion and judgment could have contributed to you living a half-life.

It is time for you to fill up and get moving in the direction that your were born to take.

It is a CHOICE to sit down or stand up, or to give to or give up. Question for you?

Are you truly free in your own soul? Do you operate from a faith belief system? Do you determine your worth in others failures or success? Have you settled for less.?

At some point, you are going to have to make a decision. Every person that has found peace had to step out of their comfort zone. I chose to laugh when others told me to quit. It is not easy, but realize it a choice YOU make, and has nothing to do with others.

I’ve spent 20 years honing my gift and get to touch lives every day. Don’t waste another moment stuck. Let’s unlock what has been stored away. I’m excited to see what is next for you.

You are not as far off as you or others have convinced you to believe. You will need to pull the ejection handle and take a ride.


I’ve met too many people in my life who decided to give up. At times, I have temporarily gave up. I understand how you feel when things are just too heavy.

However, we often are so busy chasing success that we are not specifically directed. We run around all day appearing or convincing ourselves that we are getting somewhere.

Then, we find out the 30 things we did that day had nothing to do with our gifts or dreams. It is time to identify and get directed. YOU can do 3 things instead of 30, and live a much more content life.

11 Tips For Success: Define Your Goal

  1. Each night before you go to bed, write down your plan for the next day.
  2. Before getting out of bed the next morning, smile at the ceiling and say, “This is going to be an awesome day.
  3. Stretch (Your body needs to be ready).
  4. Drink a full glass of water (Your body needs to know you care).
  5. Be energetic and enthusiastic to those around you (Don’t wait for others to make your day).
  6. Get out the paper from night before and prioritize the list.
  7. Start with the #1 thing you don’t want to do.
  8. Do each task to your very best. Do not cut corners. 
  9. Eat quality food and snacks throughout the day. 
  10. Write down what you accomplished at end of the day. 
  11. Plan your next day. 

What road are you on? Have you stayed on the freeway and avoided the exit that is your dream? We all get scared of the unknown. Also, we all get misdirected and hurt ourselves to make others dreams happen.

You have options. You are not as stuck as you think. You can free yourself and get on a path of why you are truly here. You might have to ruffle some feathers and even upset some people. They might be used to you being there for them or shouldering their problems.

However, this is not why any of us were put on this planet. Stop the enabling of both others and yourself. I would like to offer you one of the greatest pieces of advice and weapons after you pull the ripcord….



LAUGH MORE THIS YEAR…! In my house we already are and for no reason…lol! You don’t need a reason! Cheers to a New Year!

Posted by Jeremy Arno on Thursday

YES….LAUGH….Smile more and let things roll off your back.

If you know who you are and what your goal is, then stick to it. Don’t allow others to get you down or direct your path.

When you feel like giving up, stay on course, look up at the sky and SMILE.

You got another day to choose to believe whatever you want to!

Believe you are here for a reason and if you don’t stick to your goal, you won’t see what kind of impact you can make on both your life or others.


You are not alone. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed.

Pray. Laugh. Love. Jump. Have Faith. Your parachute awaits you. IT IS TIME TO JUMP!

I am happy to inject my twenty years of experience into your next move, and bring your potential to life.

Click “Work With Me now to get started. New Day. New Life. New You!

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